What's Happening

Hawk-isms - The Language of the "Hawk"

Tuneage - the assmeblage of music on Hot Wax every Friday (thanks to Louise in Toronto!)

Snog - Snow and Fog - a rare but sometimes occurence in NJ

Fluddles - Flooding puddles caused by excessive rainfall (thanks to Donna and Michele in NJ!)

French Toast Alert - a Hot Wax service to local listeners. Warning of bad weather...recently memorialized in T-shirts in boston!

Naked News - you need a definition?

Blowing and drifting leaves - Very windy (thanks to Jerry in PA)

Hawklet - One of Studebaker Hawk's kids

The Ever Lovely Mrs Hawk - Need I say more?

"I'm nothing if not flexible" - I got the nothing part right!

"The cold war is heating up" - (yet another oximoron)

"Let's not get stupid on education"

One Term Hawk!(campaign pledge)

I feel strongly both ways! (am I ready for politics or what?)

Dead Air Don - once thought to be imaginary, he is the engineer par excellence for Hot Wax!

Czarina of Tuneage a.k.a. Louise

Break the law responsibly - sage advice from Dead Air Don

Everybody's happy but there are more miserable people - did I really say that?

Weather Guess? - what weather reporting really is
A Dew-Over - A DEW In"Dew"ced hangover - courtesy of Dead air Don
A Dew-Over - Having another DEW  - courtesy of Studebaker Hawk
The Un-Dew line - Where my Alsakan Listeners live and work 
Morning Dew - A breakfast drink - No worries, it's five oclock somewhere! 
 Dewposit - Stocking the liquor cabinet with Dew
Complisault - and insulting compliment (from D.A.D.)